When you really get down to it getting your first apartment really hinges on whether or not your landlord will approve your lease. Regardless of where you are in the country landlords are looking at a few key data points to figure out whether or not they should lease to you. Some of math behind it all is pretty complicated, so I created this little calculator to help determine whether or not your lease application will go through. If not, it gives a suggestions on how to improve the odds.

How many months have you been working?

Are you self-employed

Typical Paycheck Amount:

What's your share of the rent?

What's your credit-score?

The standards for those who're self-employed are much, much higher in terms of lending.
Whoops, looks like you forgot to enter your typical paycheck amount! Please go back and enter that info.
Potential landlords would likely view your employment limited history negatively.
Unfortunately most landlords would like to see applicants have a credit-score of 650 or higher.
While I cannot say your application wont be approved, but you do have a couple major strikes going against you.

First Apartment Lease Info, Tips, and Tools

Do you know your renter's rights?
How can I break my lease agreement?