When I bring my friends with my thrifting they’re shocked at how high-quality the furniture is at some thrift shops and charity stores, so its not like you are by any means limited to grimy, used furniture that looks incredibly dated. Rather, furniture makers donate their overstock to certain types of thrift stores, and therefor you’ll see a good mix of brand-new furniture and mid-century pieces that are very in style. Based on the 25 or so times I’ve gone thrift shopping each and every month for the past three years of experience I know where to go thrift any piece of furniture, and so can you if you use the tool I created below.

Which room are you furnishing?

What style are you interest in?

Are you interest in something that's new?

Generally speaking, for room you selected you'll find the best quality items at a charity or church-run thrift store.
Charity/Church-run thrift shops and consignment stores usually are stocked with a mix of Mid-Century and traditional.
Companies often donate their overstock to charity/church-run thrift shops and gets sold for below clearance pricing.