Turns out renters generally do not know as much about being a renter as they may think. Which is why I created this Renter IQ test so you can gage you knowledge, so we can figure out what you need to work on. You can get a perfect score just by going throw our ‘leasing information’ and ‘moving tips’ articles.

Knowing your renter IQ is an important part of the process. If you don’t know the answers to the questions asked you’re going to get in trouble with your future landlord. Which why I strongly recommend you go back and review the materials if you get anything wrong.

Landlords ask for W-2s from years past.

Security deposits aren't always fully refundable.

Landlords don't need to know about your pet iguana or snake.

Long-term guests count as tenants.

Landlords can enter your apartment whenever.

We'd access your Renter IQ at: 0 Which we would considered to be a below average score.
While we advise you've held your current job for at least three months landlords check your taxes from the prior two years.
Actually, the security deposit might not be fully refundable. Sometimes there are clauses saying XX% you wont get back.
Whether you pet is bird, cat, dog, or living in a cage like an iguana you have to inform the landlord about them.
Unless you work out a deal with your landlord they can indeed start changing long-term guests rent.
If your Renter IQ score is below average we strong recommend you at our lease info articles and moving tips.
Unless its an emergency or you are on a long vac-a the landlord cannot enter the apartment without clearing it with you.

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