By definition subletting is nothing more leasing a contract you hold, but what does that actually mean in a practical sense? Most people don’t ask themselves, “What is subletting?” because its so commonly talked about. Which is unfortunate, because the truth of the matter is a lot of what you heard about subletting is not just untrue but illegal, and if you just follow what you assume is common knowledge you could get into lots of trouble very quickly. So let’s assuage those myths, shall we?

You Don't Need To Inform The Landlord

Contracts Are Not Necessary

You Are Liable For What They Do

Sub-Leases Can Go Beyond Your Lease

Wrong, you cannot sub-lease your apartment without informing the landlord/property management company first.
Trick question, the term 'subletting' really just means sub-leasing which by default means the person subletting will sign a contract.
False, legally the person you sub-lease to is nothing more than an invited guest who contractually agreed to pay rent.
Actually? No. You cannot lease something that's not apart of the lease you agreed to.