They just aren’t what they’re cracked up to be. MSRP is bullshit.

Lets begin with the “humble” origins of the MSRP or Manufactured Suggest Retail Price. The original goal was to standardize prices in any given locale. Which nothing short of price fixing. In fact in the United States it was determined to be a restraint of free trade. However, that hasn’t stopped every department store from using the acronym. Why? Because, it sounds legit and there is nothing to legally bind them to their claims.

Department stores make their money selling big ticket items like appliances and kitchen wares. You’re most likely to get the greatest savings possible if you purchase those items online.

For Example,

The store on the right is Lowes which list the Osert Beehive blender at $89.99. lists that same exact item for just $56.95! A savings of over $30.00!