By: Bob Kozik | May 25th, 2014 | 9 comments

Things you need

Just this past weekend I helped a friend move into his first place, and while everything went pretty smoothly there were somethings we could have done better. Because we were only going a handful of miles a lot of what we did probably wouldn’t work in most scenarios. Without further a do here are my top tips

Moving tip #1: Buy Gloves.

Whether you’ve got well-seasoned hands or not handing all those cardboard and plastic boxes with your bare hand is going to hurt after not very long. Not mention how likely you are to cut yourself on as simple as a piece of paper or perhaps somethings that’s punctured a box.

Moving tip #2: Choosing Boxes.

If you’re not physically active and have to move more than a few boxes please, please buy medium to small-sized cardboard boxes. Other you are seriously going to risk an injury hauling around those large plastic tubs. While you can get the job done quicker its ultimately too dangerous for me to suggest. Because you’re working in a factory, manufacturing facility, airport, or anything that requires you need be in shape you cannot afford that injury. Pulling a hammy just might put you in the unemployment line.

Moving tip #3: Colored Tape or Labels.

Here’s something I have noticed moving plenty of people over the years: everyone writes on boxes with sharpie. Trouble have a hard enough time reading each other’s handwriting in form of a note let alone something scrawled onto a box at the last minute. Your best bet is to get several rolls or pads of plain labels in multiple colors, and create a key for which color belongs in which room. For example, blue is the bedroom; orange is kitchen; yellow is bathroom; and green is the common area.

Moving tip #4: Pace yourself.

Are you knocking everything out in a single morning? Then you best take your time and approach the matter more like a workout than a task. In that you need to take appropriate length breaks between picking up loads, eat a solid meal, and drink the right things while you’re doing it. Caffeine may get you going in the morning but so will a handful a push-ups. Not to mention when that coffee wears off you’ll likely be more exhausted than you were without it. Because odds are that boost of energy made you go harder than your body would’ve normally let you.

Moving tip #5: Inform your help well in advance.

This isn’t the slight at my friend who did call me up last minute cause my schedule was totally open, but if we needed more than the two of us we’d be screwed. So just remember everybody who is in their adult life whether they keep a formal one or not lives their life on schedule. Make sure to tell folks a couple weeks ahead of time you’re going to need their help.

Thought about thrifting? Good thing I’m an expert.



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