There is a lot of high-end bakeware and cookware sitting of the shelves of charity shops and thrift stores across the country, and if you know what you’re looking for its not unreasonable to walk the door of GoodWill having spent $30 and have over $200 worth of things in your bag. Each and every month I visit a total of twelve different thrift shops in my at least twice a month. Which I’ve been consistently doing for the past three years, so I better than anyone can tell where you will most likely thrift the cookware items you’re looking for.

What item are you looking for?

Interested in finding enamelware?

Speaking from experience, you should check out a few different GoodWill's located in you area.
Correlle cookware that's cracked has a chances of randomly shattering, so remember that for future reference.
If you see any enamelware inspect it for any chipping. Because once that starts its prone to start rusting.