Are you not entirely sure whether or not you should renew your lease? Based on your situation I can help you break down the situation, and point out somethings you might have not considered or known about. Because believe it or not, there’s a lot you can learn about a landlord and/or property management company by what they do when the lease is up. Before you go ahead and renew your lease you should know what those red flags are.

How Would You Rate Your Experience?

Did The Cost Of Rent Increase?

Talk To The Landlord Yet?

As somebody who grew up with less I get if this a cost thing, but odds are the experience will just get worse, not better.
Good, upping the rent in some legal jurisdictions is illegal. Is it worth legal fees? No, but its a red flag.
You should ask. Because if they didn't like you as a tenant they could refuse to renew the lease.