When you ask your friends and family to help you move how should you go about paying them? That’s a question I get asked the most, and frankly it depends on a few different things. Do you expect them to drive an hour oneway? Are you using somebody’s truck or van? Those are just a couple of factors we use in helping you determine what’s appropriate. Just enter the details of your move below to get started.

Do they own a truck?

How many hours?

Minutes away:

During what time of today?

How much heavy stuff is there?

Trips up/down flights of stairs?

If you want help moving once your lease is up be sure to at least offer them a meal.
If you plan on using your help's truck always offer to top off their tank.
Unless you're making lots of trips you don't have to fill up your friend(s) cars.
If you've got lots of boxed a hand truck will save you lots of time and energy.
When it comes to heavy lifting be sure to take appropriate breaks, safety precautions, and hydrate to avoid injury.

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