You never know what it will be like living with someone until you actually do it. Because no matter how cool someone is with the rules you mutually come up with you’ll find they’re broken more than they’re kept, so when you go through this roommate agreement checklist keep that in mind. There’s nothing worse than someone who doesn’t let things slide from time-to-time. Let people be people, but just make sure they know what your red lines are before getting into this thing.

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The Finances

  • How are we splitting the rent?
  • What's the length of our lease?
  • How are we splitting up the utilities?
  • Let's go over the lease terms.
  • Food

  • Are we doing it every man/women for their self?
  • What if any food items are community chest?
  • If we share, are switching off for replenishing the stock or what?
  • Moving Out

  • If items are mutually purchased who takes them?
  • What's grounds for getting the boot?
  • Noise

  • Do loud noises give your roommies or yourself headaches?
  • Are they cool with noise in the early AM?
  • Pets

  • Does anybody have allergies?
  • Does the landlord even allow them?
  • Phobias?
  • How often are they cleaned up after?
  • Visitors

  • How long of a warning to they need?
  • How many are too many over at once?
  • How long can somebody stay?
  • Are they cool with people crashing?
  • Parties?
  • Who pays for guests: alcohol, food, *snacks*, etc. ?
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