There are lots of times in my life when I think I’ve had it all figured out, but once I got into the situation for real everything came crumbling down around me. Don’t be like me, fill out the brief questionnaire below and we’ll do our best to critique your plan. That way we can tell you what you’re doing right, and what has to change.

Did you check the forecast?

Found help and/or hired movers?

Packed up in advance?

Did you use tubs or boxes?

Found help and/or hired movers?

Informed the landlord?

Will utilities be turned on?

While you cannot control the weather its good to know whether or not its going to rain.
How do you plan moving your furniture exactly? Surely you'll need help moving a table or mattress.
Moves slow down a lot when you have to wait for the person you're helping to pack up their things.
Tubs are a great way moving a lot once, but they're also heavy and awkward to handle. Which can lead to injury.
By forgoing using some body's truck or van you do not have to budget for multiple tanks of gas.
Always notify your landlord ahead of time even if they tell you it isn't necessary.
Getting your gas, electricity, water, and Internet turned on always takes longer than you'd think it would.

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