Before you go ahead and sign the dotted line on your lease agreement be sure that your landlord is willing to answer a few key questions. If you sense and hesitancy or unwillingness on their part to give you a straight answer walk away. Because frankly, if they are not willing provide you with an answer before you sign the contract they never will, and that’s a warning sign you will be dealing with bad, if not downright incompetent landlord.

Do you know who/how rent is paid?

Have you checked out the area at night?

Did the landlord give you their contact info?

Find out if there's off-street parking?

Is the security deposit fully refundable?

Be sure you know who you're paying for your say. Pay the wrong person and that money is gone forever.
You know, a place might seem perfect during the daytime, but night falls it might be place you do not want to be.
Maybe they forgot, although if they refuse to provide you with any contact information prior to signing walk away.
Who knows, that parking right next to the building may be reserved for or belong to completely different owner.
Contrary to what you're always told a security deposit is sometimes only partially refundable.
In case your car break down, be sure where you plan on moving is within a reasonable distance to public transportation.
Checkout out Google Maps and take a drive throughout the area to figure out where the nearest grocery stores are.

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Do you know your renter's rights?
How can I break my lease agreement?