Based on your new apartment’s livable square footage, how many people plan on moving in, and your lifestyle calculate what you need to make your move a success. We’ll provide you with a count of every type box you’ll need, an amount packing supplies to keep everything safe, and some accessories to keep your move organized. Enter your information below to get started.

Apartment Square Footage?

Number of people?

Your lifestyle

Moving Boxes

  • 2 Large (20" x 20" x 15")
  • 15 Medium (18" x 14" x 12")
  • 5 Small (L: ",W: ",H: ")
  • 1 Wardrobe Boxes
  • Packing Supplies

  • To be safe buy lbs. of packing paper.
  • Make to get big rolls of bubble wrap.
  • You'll need rolls of tape.
  • Finally, have at least markers for labeling.
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