1Supplies Required For Moving Out – Generally, you are going to need around 15 good sized boxes per room. Yea, it sounds like a lot, but take a good look around the room you’re in right now. Make sure to get plenty of packing tape and bubble wrap. Newspaper should only be used to make sure delicate items don’t get all scratched up. Don’t waste you’re money on a pricey sharpie. Instead get a pack of cheap markers. If you have over 20 boxes I highly suggest you buy a tape dispenser.

2Utilities – Be sure to make arrangements for your utilities so they are turned on prior to moving in. Otherwise your first night will be reminiscent of the middle ages. If you don’t know who to contact hit up your landlord for the information. They should be more than willing to help you out.

3Etiquette – Ask your landlord if there are any regulations for moving in large items such as couches or appliances. Some buildings have special freight elevators for larger pieces of furniture. Others might not even allow non-union movers to enter their building. Also, be sure to find out if you need to give an advanced notice before you move in. Just because you have the keys to your new place doesn’t mean you’re in the clear.