Remember, when you’re going in for a showing its very much a job interview, so you want to dress appropriately and generally act like you’re going to be a good tenant. Lots of people show up like its any Saturday morning. Which gives your landlord a terrible first-impression. By using this tool below you will get a short list of things landlords LOVE to see in an applicant.

Making the landlord choose you is very much about how you present yourself, how you go about asking questions, so forth. If you want extra brownie points make sure to follow up the interview with a ‘thank you’ email a couple days later. When landlords are making their choice that’ll make you stand out.

How do you plan on dressing?

Do you own any pets?

Yep, you are way, way overdoing it. Unless you plan on living the Ritz Carlton business-business is way too formal.
If you plan on having pets in the future make sure to talk about that with the landlord. Because they may charge extra.
Remember, a showing is basically just a job interview, so unless you don't want the place be nice and courteous to the super.
Try to aim for arriving to the showing fifteen minutes early, but do not actually walk in the door until its time.
If you've scheduled your interview for a week or longer in the future maybe consider driving to the location in advance.

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