Here is how to answer them. Why are you thinking about moving? When to you plan on moving? How many people are going to live with? Questions that aren’t looking for a ‘yes or no’ answer are meant to evaluate you as a potential tenant. While there are no standardized ‘right’ answers there definitely are something you don’t want to say. With the quiz below we can simulate the process, and provide you with feedback so you can answer your landlord’s questions correctly.

Why are you moving?

Would you consent to a background check?

When are you planning on moving?

How many people will be living here?

Do you have the security deposit and first month's rent?

Can you give me an employer as a reference?

You've got to come up with a solid reason as to why you're looking for apartments. Otherwise it just makes you look sloppy.
Major red flag, conducting a background check is pretty much standard regardless of who you rent from so you cannot hide.
Definitely come up with a definitive time frame in which you're looking to move because it shows you are serious.
While in college its common to have many roommates there is a legal limit, and the landlord will be fined for violations.
Remember, winning an apartment lease is very much like getting a job. Without a reference that's a strike against you.
Just like an interview these questions are not going to asked verbatim, so study your talking points rather than answers.
Unless you are paid very well that's not a good sign. Because you are basically telling them you can't afford it.

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Do you know your renter's rights?
How can I break my lease agreement?