By: Bob Kozik | May 25th, 2014

If there’s one aspect of moving out you really don’t want to wing its the kitchen. Because who knows, you throw a pizza in the oven just to find out you didn’t buy a pizza cutter or pot holders; or you got all your ingredients out to bake some chicken only to realize you forgot about bakeware.

Trouble with this checklist is its one-size-fits-all, but depending on how often you cook and what you make your needs may not be totally covered by our kitchen checklist. Most people who’re getting their first apartment likely aren’t highly skilled cooks, so I devised a checklist that would cover not just what’s needed to reheat restaurant leftovers and frozen meals from the grocery store but also a list of the basic tools necessary to cook and serve a meal made from scratch.

Design Inspiration: Kitchens in a small space.

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