Shopping for a high-speed Internet plan can be pretty daunting. You'll likely find yourself asking: Do I really need to drop a hundred bucks each month to play games? Can I watch some Netflix with a DSL connection? Use this calculator and let's find out!

Social bookmarking/networks?

What do you stream?

Play games online?

Video Conferencing(Skype)?

A 3mb/s or 6mb/s high-speed connection for extra flexibility.

The term ISP stands for Internet Service Provider(think Comcast or TimeWarner).
Bandwidth is the amount of data your connection uses while you load websites, stream videos, or do anything online.
Internet service providers(ISPs) only promise speeds up to a certain level, but that doesn't mean you'll always get those rates.
Unless you're only home when you've got to crash avoid high-speed Internet service plans with bandwidth caps.
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