Don’t believe anybody who tells you living with roommates is easy. Because the truth is you may have known somebody since you were kids, but unless you’ve lived with them previously for any length of time its a total gamble. Which might ruin your relationship with the person entirely. Hopefully that doesn’t happen, and you can evict the troublemaker without any long-term issues. Do you need to lawyer up? Should you just try reasoning with them? Does the case I am making hold any water? Use the tool below to find out.

Did You Sign An Agreement Contract?

If So, Did They Violate It?

Are They Behind On Rent?

Is This About Bad Behavior?

Without a legally binding contract its going to be difficult to evict them without a court order.
While its good that they're not screwing you on rent and everything it going to be harder legal case to make.
Good news, evicting a roommate on behavioral grounds is really difficult because the objection is subjective.