There are a variety of way in which tenants are legally allowed to break a lease, and not be liable to pay their landlords for the remainder of their contract. However, sometimes its dependent on your place of resident’s legal jurisdiction, but quite a few rules and conditions are totally universal. Based on your circumstance we can tell you whether or not its worth lawyering up to break your lease agreement.

Talked to your landlord?

Is there a bedbug problem?

Are you getting sick because of mold?

Quit your job to work further away?

Did you check your lease yet?

Should you not find any legal grounds to break your lease try talking it over with your landlord.
Be safe rather than sorry, your lease agreement may include conditions and terms for breaking the lease agreement.
If you're having health problems over another type of infestation it may be legal grounds to break a lease.
Were you laid off recently only to find work further away? If so you might have a case.
To break a lease over health concerns you need to give your landlord prior notification and time to fix the issue.

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