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There’s a lot of things you need to make your first place livable, but that doesn’t mean you need to stock your apartment with brand new wares from Target. Sure, it’s probably quite a few years off depending on how old you are. Although when you do get married what are people supposed to buy if you already got everything you wanted? Go cheap. Save yourself some money for fun things like going out, buying an extra game each month, or dropping ecstasy at a Skrillex concert.

The Dollar Store

Everyone associates the place with cheap Chinese crap and choking hazards, but there’s actually some really good finds at these places. For example, a 20-pc. flatware at Target is damn near forty bucks! Five dinner forks, five desert forks, five knifes, five spoons, five serving spoons. Let’s be real, this is your first place; is not having desert forks really going to end your life? At a dollars store you can get all those items sans the pointless desert forks for just $15. Which if you’re counting is over a 60% savings.

Thrift Stores

Have you ever seen the show Storage Wars? Those are the exact kind of shops you shouldn’t go to. All the best deals are at non-profit thrift stores. Churches need to raise money some how, and this is one of their cash cows. You can almost always find good quality couches at them for less than fifty bucks. How bout an armchair? Twenty dollars. Those same pieces at a used furniture place would run you a couple hundred bucks.

Not all Goodwill’s are called Goodwill

Here in Milwaukee we’ve got a rich person district called the Third Ward. No condo in that tiny little area that costs less than half a million, and would like nothing more than firewall between them and the poor folk. Everyone wants their money including Goodwill. What are they to do? Re-brand. That’s right, around the country there are Goodwill’s full of rich people hand-me downs for regular ole Goodwill prices. In Milwaukee they went with the name Retique, but there are plenty of these places in major cities across the country.


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