A tasting of what our checklist PDF has to offer

Just looking for an apartment shopping checklist without any fuss? That’s totally cool, we’ve got you covered. Not everybody has the time to uniquely tailor each individual list, or wants to have all their information saved online and I totally get that.

For all you guys and gals who want to just print something and go I’ve compiled the essential checklists(bedroom, bathroom, furniture, kitchen, and those things you’d totally forget about) into a single-page PDF.

Another look into our apartment checklist PF

Since it would require me to make broad assumptions about your lifestyle, your culture/religion, and generally speaking the life you live I didn’t feel it appropriate to include a first apartment grocery list. Because of the nature of beast it made me feel like I’d be overstepping my bounds. Instead I suggest you check out our tool. Which factors in things like: allergies, dental conditions, and religious obligations among a whole host of other things to create a list that’s truly you.

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