Get Everything In Writing

A lease is a written legal document that outlines lays out the rules of living as tenant. This document is for your protection as much as it is the for the landlords. You MUST know what you can and can’t do. If you don’t follow the guidelines your landlord lays down you’re at risk of being evicted.

What leases contain are required to contain is different depending on what city, state, or county where the apartment is located. Typically they include things like this: If pets are allowed, How long you can live in the apartment, whether or not you can paint/hang pictures, how much you pay for rent, and who pays for what utilities(heat, water, gas, etc.)

Before you move in…

Take pictures and make a detailed list of every single item in the apartment that is damage and date it. Doing this will help protect you if the landlord tries blame you for damaged done to the apartment.


We’ve all heard horror stories from our friends or family about their roommate skipping town. If you sign a lease with multiple people often you will sign as co-tenant. Everyone is responsible for the rent as a whole. Meaning if Billy decided to go on vacation and never come back Jimmi and you must come up with Billy’s share. Don’t be shy about filing a claim in the small claims court if it gets out of hand.