Tenants do indeed have a number of unalienable rights that landlords cannot legally violate, and while it varies a little state-by-state the majority of the important ones are completely standardized. By taking this short renter’s rights quiz we’ll set the record straight.

Although having said all that for more specific details regarding renters rights we definitely recommend you check your state and/or local municipalities rules, laws, and regulations placed on landlords.

Landlords can rent to only Christians.

Renters are liable for mold.

Landlords are responsible for major repairs.

Heat cannot be shutoff during the winter.

Bedbugs aren't a reason to break a lease.

Discrimination is illegal whether ethnicity, race, religion, but not necessarily sexuality unfortunately.
Regardless of the state mold is always the responsibility of the landlord.
Incorrect, major problems like leaky roofs and broken heaters aren't your responsibility.
False, in cold-weather states its illegal to shutoff a tenants heat if they can't pay.
Unless you're in Arkansas its legal to break a lease over a bedbug infestation.

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