Having run this website for roughly six years there’s one thing more than anything that’s been made clear to me: People want apartment calculators. Articles are a great way of educating folks but they don’t answer specific problems. From here on out my primary focus is going to be creating these little tools for you all to use.

Rent Calculator

Do you even how what’s a realistic amount you can afford to spent on rent each month? You would be shocked how many people cannot afford what they think they can. Not knowing what you’re able to commit each month is the number one cause of first-timers getting evicted.

Apartment Expense Calculator

See, the big reason why lots people wind up getting evicted is because they forget to factor out basic expenses: Phone plans, groceries, gasoline, bus/train fare, etc. Using this apartment expense calculator you can get a better idea of what your budget is going to look like.

Apartment Savings Calculator

Just because you can afford to pay rent and you’re in the green after factoring out your expenses doesn’t mean you are ready. You can use this calculator to help figure out how much money you should have in the bank before making the move.

Am I Ready To Move Out?

When exactly are you truly to ready to move out of your parent’s house? Well that depends on a lot of factors: Your situation at home, whether or not you have a stable job, your credit-score, how much you’ve got in savings, and so forth.

Should I Charge My Guest?

When is it appropriate to start charging a guest? Is doing that ever the right the thing to do? If it is, how much should I charge them?

Help Selecting an Internet Connection Plan

Have you recently checked out Internet plans for your locally available service providers? If you haven’t noticed they do their best to get you to buy into the most fastest, expensive plans. More of often than not consumers are over paying for their Internet plans.