Have you bought enough things? Do you have enough money in the bank? Or maybe this website doesn’t actually have anything to offer you. Whatever your reason for being here we can determine real quick whether or not you’re ready to move out, and if you are not there yet we have plenty of resources to help you out. We’ll even throw you some suggestions in the results.

Typical Paycheck Amount:

What is your credit-score?

How much money do you have saved up?

What do you expect to pay for rent?

You've been at your job for:

You're not ready yet, but keep on reading to find out what you can improve on!
Ouch, you don't have enough stuff. You don't want to be caught without a plunger! Check out our apartment checklists page.
With your credit-score expect to pay a portion of your lease upfront if not the entire thing.
Think about giving it a couple more months at work. Otherwise you're taking a gamble!
Nice done! You've got enough money in the bank in case something bad happens.

printable checklists

What about a checklist for furniture items?
Don't wing the kitchen, use this checklist.
Don't forget to print this odds and ends checklist.
But can you afford it? Use this rent calculator to find out!

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