With the way print works those apartment directories you see in the entry ways of grocery stores and gas stations really couldn’t more out of date. Producing print media is an expensive and time-consuming endeavour. Often times once a company commissions a work they don’t change anything about it for years.

1Apartment Directory Sites Own Those Pamphlets – While many older folks may suggest you pick up one of those directories while you’re at the grocery store or gas station it might not be best source of information. Because of the way print media works and how expensive it is to produce a lot of that information including the pictures are years out-of-date.

2Deals – Most online apartment directories offer deals if find your place through them. If you’re saving a hundred bucks on your first month’s rent that is more money in your pocket for: food, class, entertainment, “snacks”, or whatever it is you’d rather spend a $100 on. Personally I think you should save it. Because let’s be honest, when you move out you’re probably going to need to patch the place up a bit to get back your security deposit.

3Organization – For the most part online apartment directories either require you to make an account or you can create one on your own accord. There’s lots of reasons for that. Sure, they do it to hook you into their ecosystem, but more importantly(and on-topic) you can save the rentals that interest. Open up some browser tabs for each site you’ve saved your favorites on and compare/contrast/

4Better Information – Have you looked at one of those paperback listing directories lately? The pictures look as-if they were taken in the late 1990s. Photographs so old they can drive and enlist in the military. As where online you’ve often got recent pictures and sometimes even videos. Not saying you should sign a lease sight unseen, but it says a lot about how much a landlord cares if they go through those lengths.