By: Bob Kozik | May 25th, 2014 | 47 comments

Have no idea where to even start? Don’t worry, that is pretty much way I created First Apartment Guide to begin with. To break down the process of renting into small, consumable tasks for you to complete. Plus, unlike other renting advice websites we’ve got more tools than articles, so you can get the answers you want without having to go through walls of text.

Can you afford to rent?


Pretty straight forward, you need to determine how much that you’re going to safely be able to commit to rent each month. Not figuring all of that out ahead of time is a brilliant way of falling behind fast. Because you wound up leasing an apartment that was further out of your price-range than you ever imagined, so I created a rent calculator to help you do just that. That’s step 1, at a bare minimum you need to do that, but that only gives you a rough idea. We’ve got other more in-depth financial tools to help you.

Find out how quickly apartment expenses pile up.

Shopping for your first apartment.


There are over 100 items both large and small that are essential to making your new apartment a home, so in order to make things every for you I’ve created first apartment shopping checklists for each individual room. Which are uniquely tailored to your specific needs. You’ve got the option to either print them out or save your process online.

All of the apartment checklists you’re ever going to need.

Making the landlord chose you.


Believe it or not landlords are looking for more in tenants than whether or not they can pay each month. While they cannot discriminate based on your religion or ethnic background they can reject if you’ve bad a culture-fit i.e. the community is on the quiet side and they like it that way, so to help you avoid messing up your chance to land your dream first apartment I’ve created some quizzes and tools for you to use.

Moving into your first apartment.


You know how much rent you can afford, your first apartment’s cost, have rounded up enough items to feel comfortable, won over the landlord over, and so now its time to learn about the moving process. Speaking as somebody who owned a truck nothing is worse than a moving that isn’t planned. At a bare minimum you need to know how many moving boxes and supplies you’re going to need, and get as much of the packing done ahead of time. If you can do that you’re head and shoulders above the rest.


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